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Mac - php - MAMP and me


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I'm having a real problem setting up an ecommerce web site. I'm using DW and .php - so I installed MAMP and setup the site in the usual way and a testing server using the model PHP MySQL.


When I review the site at http://localhost:8080/ as per usual via either Firefox or Safari, the works well and, but I cannot read the results of a test form I sent to the file 'forms-reponse.php' all I get is an error message "The requested URL /form-reponse.php was not found on this server." This is probably a very simple error I have made or a trick I have missed ... Any ideas?

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OK so a simple smelling error might have helped ... now corrected:rolleyes: However now that I can see the file I created, I still cannot see the results of the form ... I will keep looking. Still happy to get responses.


You can probably tell I'm new to this!!!!

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