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2 Images In The Header?

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Good morning!


Here we go again...every time I think I'm getting the hang of things, something goes awry!


I have a long image in the header of this site I'm playing with. I'd like to change it to two square images, next to each other with a break between them, and the page links unaffected (as is).


Trouble is, no matter what I do, I end up with the flag below the logo! What the heck am I missing? css is attached.


Thanks for your help! Have a great day, and God bless!


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I'm not getting what you mean - the header image is one long pic with a hat and boots - I see no flag. Can you be more precise as to what image you want where?



Hey, Andrea!


I'm going to have drop down into SA (I'm in Wimberley) and buy you some coffee - you keep pulling me out of the fire!


Yeah, I tried to attach an excel sheet to show what I have in mind, but the forum wouldn't let me attach that kind of file. So...I've attached the images I want to use. Here's the plan:


(left side of header)the ole cowboy logo (space)the texas flag - centered on the logo (space)the links displayed as they are


Every time I try to line them up, the flag drops below the logo - do you want me to make the change, and re-post, so it makes more sense?

post-30085-032930900 1324229213_thumb.jpg

post-30085-068714700 1324229242_thumb.gif

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I must have a kink in the hose - I still don't quite get it.


Is the current hat&boots header graphic still included in this re-design? (If so, I think it's getting a bit busy up there)


You say you want the Old Cowboy logo left, but then you say "centered on the logo" - for one, what do you want centered, the links or the flag?


Maybe you can email me the excel to andreadotbarnettataandbwebdesigndot com. dot and at, obviously are '.' and '@'. Or you can rename the file to .html and I can change it back to xls before I open it?

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Are you using float: left; on the cowboy thing and float: right; on the flag? Also make sure u add a width to it.


Thanks, Benjamin!


I added the float to the css element, tweaked the margins, and...BINGO! :clap:


Check it out!


Hopefully, one of these days, I'll retain all this basic information - still learnin'!


And Andrea, as always, thanks for watching out for all us novices!

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It's not working, Andy - when I view on my 1280 monitor, the flag is under the logo starting at about the horizontal center of the logo. That usually happens when there is not enough room to place the 2 images side-by-side.


I'd also float them both left instead of one left, one right.


Another thing to try would be to add one as background image to that division, the other as actual image, moved enough to clear the background.


But from a design-standpoint, that waving gif flag is about as 1990's webdesign as it's going to get. All you need now is a mailbox that sticks out its tongue to say 'email me' :P


My computer isn't acting right at the moment, having issues working the page with Firebug, but I'll let you know if I find a fix for both :-)

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Ok, Andy - I just looked at it again no 5 mins after I posted above, and now the flag flies at the right spot. (Still ugly and outdated, but at least positioned as you wanted it).


What did you do?

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