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reseting product id

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i have been trying for a while now to set up a database system with a few products in it


while trialing my pages i have been editing deleting items just to check that my admin system works fine



now i have deleted so many items in my database that the first item showing although i had deleted the other items, shows item 24 as really being my first item in my database



can i reset something in my database as it still thinks i have 24 items in my database where i have only 1 item



thanks in advance

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I imagine you have used an autoincremented id for your products. That number won't reset itself -- so, say you have 5 products, with ids of 1 through 5. Deleting item #2 won't reset the ids of items 3-5, and the next item you ad will have an id of #6. That's just the way autoincrement works.


You can reset the autoincrement value for the table: http://tycoontalk.freelancer.com/php-forum/32507-reset-auto-increment-in-mysql.html but your best bet would probably to not assume that a product id indicates the number of items/item position. As in, if the highest product id is 49, don't assume that you have 49 products.

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