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How to Properly Embed an MP3 Playlist?


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I'm trying to use the online generator at http://flash-mp3-player.net/players/multi/generator/ to create an MP3 player for a website. I can get it to work, but I have to guess at things because there are basically NO directions, and a thorough Google search turns up nothing in the way of a useful generic tutorial.


The main problem I'm having is how to get the player to show the actual song title instead of the MP3's URL.


Also, I'm not sure what the "Configuration XML" and "Configuration Text" files are for, or how to implement them. Do I even need either one? Except for the song title issue, the player seems to work fine on it's own.


Thanks :)

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I'm not sure what the "Configuration XML" and "Configuration Text" files are for


Open them, review them and see if there is anything that might allow you to add 'titles' to each respective mp3 tune. They are there for a reason.


From what I am understanding based on their documentation that each mp3 tune has a config xml and text file. Just look at the documentation and click on their example.

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Thanks for responding...


I would use the config files if I knew how to reference them from the player html, but there are no instructions on the player site for that.


The "documentation" shows an example HTML file that does not represent what the generator actually spits out. Since I can't extrapolate from the example as to how to modify the generated code, it's of no use.


From the parameter descriptions, it looks like I need to add one or more "|" characters somewhere in each MP3's URL in the player's HTML code to display titles. If I could determine where they go, I think I could get it to work.

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