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Need Help With Critique of My Website

Guest memoriesincrystal

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Guest memoriesincrystal

I am starting a new business and in the development phases of my website. i would approeciate any comments or suggestions. I am totally resigning the store front and also in process of having my products professionally photographed so those will be added next week. I have attached a very rough draft of the new design.

Thank so much! Ok I can attached my files because they are too big of my new store front. If you are interested I can email them to you.

MY website is www.memories-in-crystal.com

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I love the general look of the website and would just make a few comments:


In the navigation FAQ's might look better than "Frequently Asked Question", which if you are going to keep it as is should be plural.

Compared to the rest of the site, the footer logos are way too big, it seems to give them more importance than the actual site and text.

The store would look more balanced if it was the full width of the site. If it has to stay that size then I would center it.

The Gallery would look better with a full page (like the store) and a plugin like Fancybox which enlarges the images on click and automatically makes a scroll through gallery.

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I agree with the above in that the footer logos are way too big. It really throws off the rest of the look. Also, the bare space to the left looks even more bare on the pages that you have a long content column on the right. Maybe move the image down further and make it stand out more?

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A very admirable site, except you could use some "copy editing" of the text.


It is difficult to be specific with pages in a forum such as this, but as an instance, you have a "you" that should be a "your" on one of your pages.


I have been an editor for most of my professional life and those "typos" pop out to me.


I am going to offer you my (retired) professional proofreading service at no cost to you, because this forum does not allow solicitations, as is proper, and because I do like your site.


Contact me through the "Personal Message" feature on this site if you are interested.



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