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Any reason to use Zend framework over CodeIgniter?


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I currently use (and like) CodeIgniter. But I keep hearing a bunch of people (Had a friend, and seen a bunch of videos) that hint that Zend Framework might be better.


I am wanting to know, why? What kind of Pros and Cons are there compared with CodeIgniter?


I am not dead set on using one over the other, as with a lot of things I imagine it depends on your needs.

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I'm not personally a Zend user, so I'm not sure how much I can comment... However, my impression is that Zend tends to have a lot more features, but it's a lot "heavier" (in the number of files/file size) also requires more work to get up and running properly. Also, my impression is that Zend tends to be used more than CI in a corporate/enterprise setting. I like CI because it doesn't try to do everything and is still relatively lightweight, but provides a good framework for me to build on.


See http://codeigniter.com/forums/viewthread/56889/ for some more comments on this.

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Sorry for the late reply, been real busy lately and forgot :/


Thanks for the link, was a good read. For now I think I am going to stick with CI, though. Mostly due to how simple and quick it is for me to set up, plus what you said.


After I finish teaching a friend of mine PHP I may check out ZF so both of us can sift through their docs and make sense of it better.

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