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smarty and the mvc architecture from advanced php training

Guest ziemowit

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Guest ziemowit



I wasn't sure where to post it, but I hope here's ok. I've followed killersites advanced php tutorials and ended up with a nice foundation for an mvc app. I thought I understood everything covered in that course, but I was wrong :). I wanted to add Smarty to my app, but can't instantiate a smarty object, because I fail to include the smarty class properly. As instructed on smarty website you would do this by 'require' before creating the object. However since my app has that neat set_include_path mechanism I thought I could just add smarty to it.

The way it supposed to work was - add smarty class to included paths, instantiate smarty object in the render function of controllerabstract class, and pass some parameters from child controllers action methods. The problem is, when I create the object by <<$smarty = new Smarty(); >> I get an warning message saying that the Smarty class was not found. I must do something wrong because it also says that it looked for it in the controllers folder, or perhaps in that namespace and not in sites root folder.


I hope someone who's familiar with the tutorial could help me. Maybe I should instantiate that object differently. Any hints are welcomed.

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