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Shaded rows in a table


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I have this table with four "row-groups" of categories. I would like to shade the groups differently. I know about <colgroup> and <colspan>.


I have tired styling the <tr>'s with CSS. I tried to enclose the needed <tr>'s in a div. None of that worked worth a spit in a windstorm!


THIS is where you can find the table. I want to group "Amenities" and its associated items. Then "provided" etc.


Awaiting an answer that will make me swear at my stupidity!





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That was not the whole answer, but surely the good answer!


Why are you not incredibly wealthy and world renowned? With answers like that you should have riches bestowed upon yourself! (Flowers. instead, showered upon you!)


(Can you tell I am doing a "happy dance" here?)


THIS is what it looks like now.





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