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Picture montage


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I am trying to create a picture montage where the individual photos (and their captions) are overlapping. Hopefully this can be done with in-line styling, but I forget how to do that! :rolleyes:


See This attempt where the little pix is below the big one. I want to move the little one up on top of the big one.




Would I be better off just creating the montage in Photoshop and presenting it as just one composite image?





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You can add a second class name to your smaller image (or just a different one than the class for the bigger one) and work with a negative top margin and whatever right or left margin you need to get it where you want it.

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Thanks Andrea, that would work.


I have ten of these montages to do, with five or six other pictures added to each, so I think a Photoshop solution is probably the way to go for me.


The only problem with that is that search engines will not be able to read any of my captions, but that is probably not a great concern at this level.



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