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When I try to create a Site Location in Dreamweaver, I use the "Browse Folders" button on the "Site Definition for Unnamed Site 1" dialog box that looks like a little yellow folder to set a location for my site. As I browse through, I create a location by creating a new folder and name it, and then return. When I get back, the path shows every folder (i.e. c:\Users\Rick\WebData...) EXCEPT for the folder I created for the new site. The same goes for the images folder. Every folder displays in the path EXCEPT for the images folder. It confuses me and I don't know what to do. Do I have some incorrect settings for Dreamweaver? I don't know how to proceed.


Any thoughts?

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Where is the folder you created for the site definition located? Documents, desktop, ect...



You also may just have to input the images folder in the file path manually, i have to do that occasionally in dreamweaver sometimes.









Cody Perry

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