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Is Facebook a serious alternative to a budget website?


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A prospective client currently uses Facebook instead of having a 'proper' website. Apart from it looking a bit cheap (which they are not too bothered about) is there any other negative aspect of this? I assume that search engines will not index the Facebook page as well as a normal site but maybe I am wrong?


I would like to approach them with some strong arguments for having their own site, even though they will have to pay for it.

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From having a brief play with google unless you actually type facebook into search bo facebook pages do not appear in the search results (high up anyway). True facebook is great for letting people know about a company name and spreading the word, but at the end of the day it is very restricted in what you can actually do.


It doesn't cost much or indeed take much time to create a basic site with a few pages of content. Then you can direct people from the facebook page(S) to the actual site and visa versa if you wish. There's also a lot you can do to integrate a companies site with facebook. Most basically adding like and share button to pages like news items or products. This again is another way of getting people from facebook to an actual site. If just one person likes something, there's a link to your site on their news feed it's a no lose situation!


If you plan on making a site for the company that involves a user login then you can use facebooks login means you don't have to do it yourself, you just have to integrate with their system, easy!


At the end of the day as you say just having a facebook page does look a bit cheap and any business that wants to grow should have their own website, it makes sense!

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You can't tell your prospective client that they're cheap! Never a good idea.


You can however probably approach from a different angle, saying that it's good that they already have a facebook presence up, because it means if they get a website now, and put up a link on their facebook page, and also from their new website to their facebook profile, plus having a few Tweet and Like buttons on their new website, it will help greatly towards getting good Search engine rankings (especially google). Because google stated before that the number of hits on the "Like" buttons is much much more valuable than backlinks nowadays. Social networking presence is very good for SEO. But only when it's combined with other good SEO practices ofcourse.

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Because google stated before that the number of hits on the "Like" buttons is much much more valuable than backlinks nowadays.


That is interesting, I have thought of commercial company's Facebook pages as a bit of a fad until now.


The problem is that if you do a search for this particular company's name, their Facebook page is top of the results list. Therefore all their EXISTING customer can find them and they think they have an effective web presence.

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