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Please Help With Post Area Background

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Hello everyone,


I have a black background image i would like to use, so when i upload it, you can't read my post, titles and those sorts of things because the text is black and the background i want to use is black


What i want, is to have my post area white. For instance, lets take a look at this post on my page http://www.grimygossip.com/2011/03/0...rs-after-loss/


Now, What i want is a black image background, but I need everything white from the post title, all the way down to the submit button of the leave comment section. This is very important to me. I would also like to have this on the main page Grimy Gossip Entertainment . So basically the post area will be white, and then there will be black on the left side of the post area from the background, and black on the right side of the side bar from the black background


A good example of this would be this link here over at tmz http://www.tmz.com/2011/03/09/halle-...court-custody/


Now, there is a plugin that will create a white background for the post area , but the problem with it is who wants to have to manually go into a plugin and activate the white background for the post, and also that plugin didnt make a white background from the post title all the way to the comment area, it was just the post text of what i typed. Please help this is very important to me to fix the code to do this.


Im new to css so step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys


As you can see my side bar is a light grey color i used a script someone gave me to make that happen, but i need help with the other parts. Thanks

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Your links aren't working - the sites exist but not the pages, so I'm not clear on what part you want to change.


You don't need any plugin for this so - just change the CSS for that portion to black background and white text - I just can't tell you what that is, as due to the broken links, I don't know which part of the page that post you want white-on-black is.


Also, for a simple colored background, you don't use an image, you just specify the colors:


background: #000000;

color: #FFFFFF;

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