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Security code for forms


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I've been reading this long topic again:-



Shetland Wolf on 2 April 2008 and ewwatson on 5 April 2008 2.53 pm used this code:-

if (preg_replace($headers, '', $string) == $string) {

return $string;

} else {

die('You think Im spammy? Spammy how? Spammy like a clown, spammy?');




but as far as I can see, $headers and $string variables aren't defined anywhere in Eric's form, so were these just names as an example which require editig to those in your form (or Eric's form) or are they some kind of global code applicable in any case?

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Oh no, your gong to expose my ignorance with php! Got that from somewhere, I never quite new what that did either, but never removed it.


The one I have now, the one Ben and others helped me with, is pretty bullet proof. I haven't had a single spam since. I can PM you with it if you'd like.

Edited by Eric
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I've been using the same code in one of my forms but I just realised that it might not be working; on the other hand it hasn't raised any PHP warnings because I haven't got any variables defined for $headers or $string either so it may be OK; I just want clarification.

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