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I just finished this site. I'm not completely happy with it, but I'll see what kind of review I get. I know Ben has already seen some of it, because he helped me with the code. Let me know what you think.


www.shan e jeffer s photography.com/pst


[remove spaces obviously] ^


Thanks everyone.

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A couple minor points... mostly from a consistency perspective...


-- your logo uses two different fonts -- one for the first letter of each word, and then a script font for the rest of the word. Perhaps the first letter of each word needs to be in italics? Both the slant of the two fonts and the width of the letters don't match, and it seems inconsistent.


-- some of the words in the header ("hello my name is Shane...") on the home page are in a different font ("about me", "recent work"). At first glance, I thought those were links, but apparently they aren't...


-- I will also point out that the home page text "simplicity" seems to clash with the semi-complicated picture of the tree made up of multiple different color circles. To me, the tree and the footer don't seem to be very simple, which dilutes the message of simplicity.

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I agree with Ben on all 3 points.


Just a few extra comments:

Your logo does not stand out enough from the rest of the page.

I think the text should be smaller, definitely all one size and colour, unless it's a link and there should be more of it.

I would lose the bubbles in the footer and put the footer links in a column on the side. It means scrolling to see them and some people don't like to do that, and might even miss them altogether.

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