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Guest mitch

css help with centering banner in dreamweaver

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Guest mitch

can someone offer some help on how i can get my bannert to center in page. it looks fine on my monitor but when i get on my laptop it looks tiny. I really am new to all the site building but i do enjoy learning. I just need ghelp from someone who has the lnow how. my site is www.springstrutters.com. check it out and tell me how to use it. I am using dreamweaver 8. I also need to know how to build a spry menu in dreamweaver 8. I said this so you wouldn't think I was going to leave the navigation bar like it is. But we will deal with one issue at a time. The most pressing is centering my banner and page. I have attached the home page for anybody who can help. Thanks for your help.


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You can add style="text-align: center;" to your <p> tag that is wrapped around the image.


Your biggest problem is not having anything to contain your content.


If you are up to it, hand code this in:


In code view, look for <body>

Add this right after that:


<div style="width: 960px; margin: 0 auto;">



Next, find the closing </body> tag


Add this just before it:




The above will set your framework/layout to be centered while keeping all your content contained within that <div>.


If you haven't coded before then may I suggest viewing Stef's Killersite's Videos. You will find that hand coding will give you the results you are looking for.

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