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Flash Website FLA file has no layers to edit

Guest jnlong

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I was asked to add content to a flash website page... When I open the FLA file, there are absolutely no layers for me to work with. I found an .as file that contained the page content and so I added the needed content there. But this is where I run into a problem. After adding the additional content, the content now extends vertically and beyond the page borders. In doing research, I discovered that the solution is to change the TextField to "dynamic" and add a UIScrollbar vertically during the build. I've learned how to do this but the problem remains that I don't have any layers to modify for this particular website. I can't see any of the TextFields in the FLA file. Can someone explain why or how I can find the layers for this file? I am using Flash CS3... and unsure what version the original designer was using. I guess another option is to add a UIScrollbar to the website by modifying the .as file directly. Can this be done? Please help!

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