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Is this working in your IE6?

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O-My-God! Im going crazy. Another whole morning working on this. Fixed Opera, IE7, and IE6 problems. Now My IE6 wont show the images. Just shows a white box. Can you please check in your ie6 and tell me what you see? Click on some of the blue links in the text. They should show an image. In mine its totally random which leads me to think maybe its my ietester. Plus mine works fine locally. Only live its broke. Thanks!


Is this working in your IE6? http://goo.gl/2iBtI


Edit: o thank god. should of done this first. I just updated my ietester and that seems to make all work perfect. Still... a confirmation from one other would be reassuring. Thanks!

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It works in both IETester in IE6 and also on my old PC with an original IE6, but that one took like forever to load and play.

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