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Email address question


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I have a client who wants his email address on his website where you can click on it to contact him. He did not want a contact form. I advised him against the email address because I thought it would just get harvested and he'd get a lot of SPAM.


I would just like to know if you would go ahead and add the email address since the client wants it, or would you make the email address not active or something. Just wondering. Thank you.

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If the client want the email added after your warning about spam then let him have it his way. Of course I would use an alias instead the his actual email address and have that alias forwarded to the email account he desires that way if the alias were to ever become out of control with spam he can just delete the alias but still keep his good email account.


In any case, you can use an old technique that is quite effective but not fool proof. It will probably keep the spam down to a minimum: Email Shield


There are others that uses javascript. Just google it.

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