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Question on SEO and the dropping of stats for one client

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Hi . . .


I have a client that was doing ok in her stats, I targeting some specific keywords and they are ranking extremely high in Google, etc. Suddenly she was getting hundreds if not thousands of hits daily coming from one or two Chinese search engines. Which was to me was surprising because it is a personal web site and portfolio of a non-public figure. Anyway her stats took a tumble downward as I was building a new redesign, even though her keyword ranking is remarkably high. I do not know why all her hits were coming from China for a while and then died down. There is a redesign but not sure if that is a coincidence or not. Like I said her keywords are still going strong, just know one seems to be clicking through. The redesign has been up for two months.


Also could it be because recently Google was banned in China? Could that have coincided with her drop in stats since all these hits were coming from specific IP addresses in China. And why just China? It's almost like they were spamming her site.


Could China had banned her site because of the flash fashion photography galleries she has and that is the reason for the lack of hits? The search engine connected to all these hits was www.baidu.com. Also I noticed when I traced those IP addresses they led to baidu.com but on their site there were mentions of mp3 searches, etc. At that time I had mp3's running as soundtracks for specific pages. Now the music is all flash based. I wounder if that is why the hits dropped. There were no mp3's to pull in and those Chinese sites were attacted to the mp3s. Weird.

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