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Hard Drive Troubles


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Hey all, this question is unrelated to this forum, so I was wondering if anyone knows a good hardware community for me to present my problems.


I bought an MDG computer a couple years back, and Ive had constant problems with Hard Drives getting Bad Sectors to the point of un usability. I have actually gone though 5 Hard Drives (on my 6th right now). All western digital SATA 500GB - 750 GB drives. Luckily replaced under warranty each time, but i'm sure the warranties will be up soon if not already.


The computer doesn't get moved around, and I don't have any power outages, so I believe this is is related to another piece of hardware, but i don't know how-to troubleshoot this.


One friend thinks the MOBO is to blame, I have a gut feeling its a PSU voltage issue, but dont have a voltage meter to even confirm this.


This last HD (WD Cavier Black) i put in, I tried something new, formatted a 10 GIG partition with ubuntu to NFTS for my windows 7, and created a separate Partition of about 700GB to FAT32 as storage, media, downloads, work will go here. So far so good, but i im confident it wont stay good for long through previous drive experience with this machine. Every night i run a defrag and a chkdsk with repair bad sectors if found. Nothing yet, but like I said, i don't believe it will stay good. Any advice from Killer Community, or at least a helpful link to a community would be appreciated.

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