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Which skills are required to make a website like this?


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The absolute basic three languages you will need for that is HTML (or XHTML) for the basic content. then CSS for the styling. Then Javascript for the functionality (i.e. animation, changing typography etc.)


It is a somewhat challenging type of site for a beginner to attempt! A very good place to start is right here at the KillerSites. Check out the Killersites University Tutorials elsewhere in this website. The tuts are very reasonably priced and lead you by the nose to learn step by step.


Do not expect to learn to do a site like your sample in just a few weeks, but keep at it. We all had to start from somewhere!


Good luck!



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Basically, HTML and CSS controls the content on the page and how the page displays. PHP is a server-side programming language that allows you to use variables and logic to control what HTML will appear on the page. Combined with MySQL, you can use PHP to access content stored within a database, within files on your own server or on other servers. You can also use it to process forms, send emails, and a huge range of additional functionality that you can't do with HTML, CSS or Javascript.


For example:


This is basic, simplified html:


<html><body><p>Your paragraph.</p></body></html>


whereas with PHP, you could control that output:


$color = 'red';
if ($color == 'red')
echo "The color is red!";
echo "The color is not red!";


The above code uses PHP to set a variable called "color" to the value "red." The if statement compares the value of the $color variable against the text "red". If they match (and they will, according to the code above) the text "The color is red!" will appear within the paragraph tags on the page.


Start with HTML, CSS and Javascript. One you have a good handle on that, then look into PHP.

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PHP like Javascript is used to add functionality to a website. They are both essentially programming languages that are run in "real time". I personally have only limited experience with PHP, or Javascript for that matter. They both give you the ability to use the computer's ability to actually compute! (As opposed to just interpret basic instructions for a browser.)


The "Fade-in / fade-out" of the backgrounds in your sample and the "writing-typography" were both done via Javascript. If you want just one background and static typography, there is no need for Javascript or PHP.

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Please, please if you do make a site like that, don't have the music blaring as soon as it comes up, make it an option for the user to turn on if he wishes to hear it.


You know why? Some people surf the internet at work when they're not supposed to, and if your site loads with loud music it will get shut down illico presto and they won't go back there.

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