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Problems with Colours - Photoshop to InDesign to PDF


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I have created a small header image in Photoshop. It consists of a background with a number of layers using blue and grey (the grey is RGB: 202, 202, 202). I placed the image in InDesign and then converted to press quality PDF for printing. In InDesign I have also created a number of shapes (rectangles with rounded corners) which I have made the same grey colour (202, 202, 202). On the screen everything looks the same grey, however, when I convert to a PDF and print, the grey in the image I placed from Photoshop looks a completely different grey colour to the rectangle shapes I created in InDesign with the same background colour. The grey colour I am using for everything is 202, 202, 202.


I have checked Adobe Bridge colour synching and it says my creative suite colours are synchronized using 'Europe General Purpose 2'


Why when I print are there completely different shades of grey?

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