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Cufon.js is getting rejected by IE9 beta


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Did some research on why IE9 rejected my font .js text. This is very important so I started a new thread!


Cufón and Typeface.js both work by linking to their javascript file and the font file in your:


Cufón and Typeface.js are both methods to show text in custom fonts (like sIFR), are both only a couple of months old and both use canvas or VML. So what’s the difference? And which one is better?


How Does It Work?

Cufón and Typeface.js both work by converting a regular font file into an internal format. On execution, they display the font using Canvas in modern browsers, and VML in Internet Explorer. The benefits of doing it this way is that you do not need to load the Flash plugin. This makes it faster compared tosIFR, and visible on more computers.




Both Typeface.js and Cufón have an online font converter:



Font converter for Cufón

Font converter for Typeface.js

You upload your font, select which glyph groups (which are sets like uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation etc.) you want to include and it returns a .js file containing your font. Typeface.js only supports TrueType (.ttf) fonts. Cufón also supports OpenType (.otf), Printer Font Binary and postscript. The converter for Typeface.js has a build-in check for the font license, and will refuse to convert any font that doesn’t allow embedding.


On uploading, Typeface.js forwards to a page where you can select your glyphs and download your file. Cufón lets you select the glyphs on the first page, and also give you the option to include a bold and an italic variant in the same file. Besides that, it allows you to restrict usage to certain domains, and set the quality of the font (lower quality is faster performance).


I used both to convert Optimer with uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation and extended latin. Cufón’s file is called Optimer_400.font.js and is 27.3kb while Typeface.js’ file is calledoptimer_regular.typeface.js and is 68.7kb.


Including Cufón Or Typeface.Js In Your Website



Cufon Stats: File size 14KB


Supported Browsers: Firefox 1.5+, Safari 3+, Opera 9.5+, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer6+ NOW UNABLE IN IE9 BETA


Supported File Types: .ttf, .otf, PFB, postscript


Supported Font Styling: font-size, font-style, font-weight, line-height, text-shadow, color




Pick a font even a written one www.cufonfonts.com ;) ;)

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