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What order to watch ALL PHP videos

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One thing I've noticed about the KS University video library is that while there is a numbering system to videos in a particular section (Beginner's PHP, etc.), there doesn't seem to be a suggested order for one to follow when finished with the Beginner's section.


In other words, after I am done with Beginner's PHP, should I go to "Advanced PHP", or rather as the library page shows, "Misc PHP", followed by "PHP CRUD", etc.?


This is something that's bothered me about the KS University page presentation in general. Yes, I do understand that there is value in doing things a la carte if one wishes. But as a beginner, I'd rather have someone (i.e Stefan) point me to a very defined learning progression order so that things make the most sense to me as a student.


I guess at its most fundamental, the question would be, "why are the library video sections shown in the order they are unless that's the order people should view them"?





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At least in my experience, a lot of people tend to learn PHP in little bits and pieces, depending on what sort of functionality they are trying to learn, and less do it in a straight path. A lot of people come at it from the perspective that "I want to do ____" and then they look for tutorials that will help them accomplish their particular project.


My suggestion would be to not jump into the Advanced PHP course immediately. I'd go over the Misc PHP videos first, then perhaps move on to the PHP CRUD videos/PHP & MySQL videos followed by the videos on Object Oriented PHP. At that point, I think you should have a good basic understanding of PHP, working with MySQL/MySQLi and basic object oriented programming. Then it's up to you regarding how you should continue, perhaps depending on what you are interested in... You could then move on to the Advanced PHP videos, or perhaps do one of the project oriented videos on creating a PHP based login system or PHP shopping cart.

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