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Hello everyone,


I've just finished some new website templates on -- w ww. qwe bdesign.net [remove spaces] I would like to get some feedback from Killersites.com's members.


Thank you very much!



Edited by Andrea
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There is no need to post the same thing 4 times in different forums, when we have the peer-to-peer one (where review requests belong). I've also 'deactivated' your link to avoid any appearance of SPAM.

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No need to remove your posts - people here know how to pull up pages by removing the spaces in the URLs, that's common practice.


Posting the same thing multiple times does not bring more results.

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I finally had some time to take a closer look:


Your site says 'under construction', has validation errors, is way too long, and is totally image-based - and there are no links on any of the designs to take a closer look.

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