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Kotebel - Please review

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Hello everybody,


I just finished a web site of a famous Spanish/Venezuelan progressive rock band called Kotebel:




I know it's full of validation errors, but I use too many widgets and <objects> which never validate.


I am mostly concerned with functionality and design so, please, let me hear what you think. Critics are welcomed.


Thanks a lot,



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Not all errors are due to widgets - the favicon code, for example, should be in the head section, not the body. <br>s are not meant to be used to create space.


Overall, I find it pretty boring and it's hard to read the text on the black background. There's not always enough contrast to even see it well.


I also think the point of a hover is to emphasize what's being pointed to, but your hover fades away what I'm looking at. And the footer seems a bit large and empty.

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Of course not - but you wanted to hear what we think and that's what I think. Do keep in mind, so, that the boring thing is a totally subjective evaluation - to me, it's boring, to somebody else, it'll be just fine.


However, the link to the favicon NOT belonging into the body but the head section, and <br> tags not meant for creating space, those are just FACTS.

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Ok ok, you are right. I'll change that. The <br> tags are not mine, by the way (if I remember well). They belong to the client who uses Cushycms to edit the front page and the "concerts" page. I won't ask him to learn how to write a HTML clean code, that would be too much...





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