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Setting up a server for PHP on your local computer


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Just thought I would mention this, since it's possible that members who are just getting started with PHP will find this helpful...


Need to work with PHP and MySQL without the hassle of constantly uploading files to your web hosting? Perhaps you want to install Wordpress or another CMS on your local machine?


Installing the Apache server, PHP, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin separately can be a pain, and sometimes requires troubleshooting to get everything working. If you are looking for an automated installer that simplifies the process into a couple easy steps, check out WAMP (for Windows users) and MAMP (for Mac users).




Screencast showing installation: http://idea22.com/vi...708285941765250 (part 1) and http://idea22.com/vi...082810695178710 (part 2)




Screencast showing installation: http://www.falkencreative.com/resources.php




One final note: XAMMP (http://www.apachefri...g/en/xampp.html) is an alternative to WAMP, but in general, it seems that people tend to have more trouble getting it up and running.


If you have trouble working with WAMP or MAMP, please start a new topic in the PHP forum -- don't add your question to this thread. Thanks!

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