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Form Validation with PHP and JavaScript


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    After finishing up the PHP course I have recently started the Form Validation with PHP and JavaScript project as I expect this will be something I'll do quite often. I have run into a snag or two here. The videos teach great concepts, but the plug-in used in lesson 2 with jQuery is no longer available. 

Preview attachment validation.plug-in.site.png

Preview attachment form-php-video.png

1.1 MB

Preview attachment form-php-video2.png

I've followed along writing out the code for the sake of writing it out, but it can't work correctly without the actual plug-in's code to copy and paste into a page. 
The video shows how to make some of the inputs required by adding a few classes to them.
Then to use a validate method in the head of the page in a script block.
Preview attachment validate-script-block-head.png
The video then shows some code that is copy and pasted from the plug-in site into our validate method using an expression to check to make sure the phone number is valid, as well as a modifiable message to be displayed if the field needs to be corrected. 
This code is also dependent on being able to copy and paste the plug-in code into a page. 
Preview attachment code_copied_unavailable.png
Chatting earlier today in the zoom meeting, you'd said to post screen shots and describe what I was encountering. 
Please let me know if these won't  suffice or if there is something else I should be sending you as an example? 
Otherwise, does anyone have a comparable plug-in they can recommend? 
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