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What are some examples of using a for-loop, while-loop, and if-else statements?


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I make this answer using Python programming language, this is very similar to pseudocode:

limit_patience = 10 
you_understand = False 
while not you_understand: 
    for intents in range(limit_patience, 0, -1):  # loop while I have patience 
            print("I'll teach you about if-else, for and while loops")  # I'll explain 
            your_answer = input("If you understood, write 'Yes'")  # Do you know now? 
            if your_answer == "Yes":  # You answer me 
                print("Congratulations: you are a genius") 
                you_understand = True 
                break  # exit inner loop 
            else:  # if not write 'Yes' 
                print(F"Ok, I'll keep teaching you by {intents} time")  # say this sentence 
            print("I teach again, AGAIN!")  # this is inside the main loop 
            # the loop to repeat to this point 
        else:  # you have reached the limit of my patience 
            # the else clause of the for loop exits here when the loop reaches its normal end,        
            # not when it exits via a break clause 
            print("My God: you're a donkey") 
            break  # breaks out of the main loop 
    # the else clause of the while loop exits here when the loop ends normally, 
    # that is when the while condition is not met 
    print("You already know if-else, for and while loops") 
# I hope I'm not wrong 


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