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display image onclick of product name


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i want to display image onclick to productname (attached snapshot and code page) i have verified(throuh console) that image is succesfully uploading but need to popup/show image onclik to product name


for ex : if i click on sony (which is product name plz have a look at my snapshot) then show image corresponding to that product name)

here is the database


-- Table structure for table `products`



`product_id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,

`product_name` varchar(150) NOT NULL,

`subcat_id` int(11) NOT NULL,

`price` varchar(20) NOT NULL,

`description` text NOT NULL,

`product_image` varchar(200) NOT NULL,

`uploaded_date` varchar(50) NOT NULL,

PRIMARY KEY (`product_id`)



plz reply



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I'd imagine you'd want to do it something like this...


First, you'd want to store the URL to the product image in the database. You could do this by adding an extra column for the image URL to the products table (looks like you have already done this), or, if you will have multiple images per product, giving the images their own table (one column would contain the id for the product the URL is associated with, and the second column would contain the URL itself).


Your link that pops up the image would include an id of the product: yoururl.com/displayimage.php?id=1.


In the displayimage.php page, you would check to see if an id value was set, and make sure it is valid. Then you query the database, get the URL of the image associated with that id, and display it.

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