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Position: fixed in IE7

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I'm creating a website that has a navigation bar that is fixed at the top of the screen, and floats above all other page elements. I've set the stylesheet to use position: fixed for that element. I've read that IE7 is supposed to recognize position: fixed (I'm aware that IE6 does not). However, the navigation bar does not appear at all when the site is viewed in IE7.


The page does display correctly in Safari, Opera, Firefox, and IE8. Can anyone give me some insight as to why this does not work in IE7? Please let me know if only the code is needed, or if the link to the site itself is needed.

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Most likely it will show in ie7 if you place the nav below the rest of the page elements (some or all) in the html.


Thank you Eric!! It turns out that is exactly what was needed. After modifying the element order so that the fixed position elements were further down in the page code, they appeared correctly in IE7.

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