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Guest adam sofa

Full browser page

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Guest adam sofa

hi there im new to the forum as you can see this is my first post and thread.


im in desperate need. ive tried to dig around the web and look into other websites that have this on their page but im looking to make a full browser page just like this website




i see the have javascript and ccs because they have a slideshow and such but im simply looking to do a page with the background and the "enter orisue" that floats at the bottom.


i really love this look and never found a way to do this, what attracts me most is that it fits the browser page with out scrolling from web browser to web browser. im not the best at html but know the basics.


any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you

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That's an interesting link, but what it doesn't say is that the sides, yop and bottom get cut off if you reduce the window size.


It centers the image in the center of the window so you need an image big enough for the largest window resolutions, then when you reduce the window size it's still fixed to the center point and cuts off around the sides.


Another method which fixes to the window sides and expands or contracts with different window sizes is here:-


but the height is adjusted in proportion so the bottom of the image may not reach the bottom of the window at certain window sizes.

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