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Can I get some feed back positive negative either way but I have noticed when I get negative feedback is when I learn the most so please do not pull your punches...

Needing to learn where I should focus my energy the most. cagedillusion.com, dehartswebdesign.com, tekagephp.com or should I start a wordpress blog to implement there themes until I learn how to create the themes myself...I have started a couple different wordpress blogs just to try and learn how wordpress works and to see if I should use it for my blog instead of creating my own blog theme. dehartswebdesign.wordpress.com let me know what you all think and like I said please do not pull your punches lol thank you for your time Shad DeHart.Plus how do you all like my logo I think it goes really well with my last name but should I be using my name at all let me know. 


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