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Hello, I need to inprove my website to allow my customers to login and fill out complex order forms, and have that data sent directly to my internal database. The customers also need to login and see their membership and account details dynamically, so my database has to be able to serve up that data.


I know of alot of websites that do this kind of online business - What kind of tools are there that could help me build this? Do i need a web service running on my server?


Thanks for any input.

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There a few CMS that will allow user registrations and keep that information on a database. Joomla is to name one. Joomla out-of-the-box has a basic registration form but there are plug-ins/add-ons that goes into greating detail.


Drupal might be another good choice.


You can see a list of CMS here.


One more thing, if you are going to collect vital information that is very personal then I would suggest you add a SSL certificate to assure that the user's info is protected.

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Thank you for your response. I agree CMS is a way to collect data from my customers - However i need to collect data that will feed directly into my internal database which is already built and not stored on my web server. Do those CMS products allow that type of data connections?

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