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How to click on product and make only its description appear

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I hope I am writing this to the correct forum. I am a beginner at webdesign.

I am using Dreamweaver CS3 to design php pages.

I have created a page that calls from the MYSQL database (among other things) the names of all the products.

I have created a page that calls all the descriptions of the products. By the way, the descriptions and the product names are two different columns in the same db table.

My problem is that when I link the products field to the description and I view in Browser and click on a particular product the whole of the descriptions appear rather than just the description of the product in question.

I am sure their is a simple fix but it sure eludes me

Thanks for any help


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I got a solution to my problem




I am sorry. I should have explained what was told me. The solution is to use Master/detail pages. I am now working through the help section of Dreamweaver CS3 on Master/detail pages. I have not done this yet because I have been cleaning up my tables in MySQL but you have to make a recorderset that includes both the fields from the master page and the detail page. If you have dreamweaver look in help for Master/detail and it will explain it. If you don't have Dreamweaver, reply and as I work through it I shall report. I am a beginner so remember my instructions and $1.25 or so will buy you a cup of coffee.


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