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Hour/Minute Question


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Here's a piece of the script I'm using:


$new_file = $dir.date('l-H-i').'.php';


The entire script pulls and displays different php files at different times of the day. The files are named something like "Monday-09-30" and so on. Here's my question. If I have certain hours without any minutes (for instance, Monday-07), will it automatically display that file during the entire 7th hour?


I hope this makes sense.

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Your best bet is to test it -- try creating test file using today's information but without the hour, and seeing what occurs.


My guess, however, is that it won't work. You are specifying a specific file name, and it isn't going to be smart enough to determine what to do if that file doesn't exist. If you want it to work that way, you'll need to code it to check if the initial file 404s (probably using http://php.net/manual/en/function.file-exists.php) and if it doesn't, then try a variation without the hour information. If that file then 404s, you'll need to set it up so it displays some default content.

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No, it's not smart enough. I came up with this:


$dir = 'mydirectory/';
$new_file = $dir.date('l-H-i').'.php';
if(file_exists($new_file)) { 
 include $new_file;
else { 
 $files = glob($dir.'Friday-00.php');
 include $files[rand(0, count($files)-1)];


"Friday-00" is a sort of default file that can be used during any undesignated time. This script was originally written to use a random file if no file matched the time. I just changed the file name from "*" to "Friday-00". It works for my purpose. Just thought I would share in case someone else was looking for something similar.

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