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Using the tab key instead of a mouse


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This may be a question for LSW.


Assume a very simple form where someone who hasn't got a mouse needs to use the tab key and other keys to select components 2 and 4 from a select box in this simple form code:-


<form action="mailto:your-name@hotmail.com" method="post">


Select product:

Component 1
Component 2
Component 3
Component 4



In IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera the first part works:-

Use the tab key to reach the select box

Use the up/down keys to select component_2

Use Shift+up/down button to highlight components 2, 3 and 4


If you now tab to the Submit button and Enter you will select those three components but suppose you want to select only components 2 and 4.


In Firefox you then use Control+up/down keys to put a dotted outline around component 3 and then use the spacebar to deselect it, leaving components 2 and 4 highlighted for submitting.


In Opera it seems that at this stage you just use the up/down keys and then the spacebar to deselect component 3, leaving components 2 and 4.


IE7, IE8 and Safari don't work with the Control key or spacebar to deselect component 3, so how does a person using only the keyboard do it?

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