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I recently started web designing in WordPress a few months ago. I have a site that I am looking to go live but one thing holding me back from feeling ready was load time. I ran the site through GTmetrix and the number one issue i have is managing redirects. I'm assuming this is because during my design process, i designed as a live site (my thought process was no one knows this site exists and this way the site owner can see what I'm creating as I go) and I would delete and add content regularly. (Example: I like this, I'll keep it. I may keep it (save as template), decide i'm not going to use that template delete it. Try a new design element, etc. delete that page, delete that post, etc.) I'm assuming this is what the redirect is pointing out to me since i have deleted so much content. Understanding the performance report is a bit challenging (and I have watched 7 tutorials) and to the point where I feel like a complete failure. Is there anyone who can help me understand this and how I can fix this? 

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