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Simple Form Submission Doesn't Work

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The file test2.php consists of these simple forms:


for($i=0; $i<=5; $i++){

echo "<form action='reset4.php' method='get' name='yourForm'>";

echo "<button type='submit' value='delete' name='remove_" . $i . "' class='deletebtn'>X</button>";

echo "</form>";



It submits to reset4.php which is this simple code:

header("Location: test2.php");

for($i=0; $i<=5; $i++){
if (isset($_REQUEST["remove_$i"])){
echo "Deleted";


But it doesn't work. The $_REQUEST doesn't populate the address field and it apparently never gets submitted to reset4.php like it should. This is such a simple program, I can't imagine why it doesn't work. 

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