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PHP Script / HTML form and Javascript


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a few weeks ago i posted for some help with a form issue i had, where i needed to include or exclude form elements based on the user choices, and javascript was suggested.

I eventually managed to get exactly what i needed to happen work using java, so thank you for your help there, unfortunately that has itself unravelled its own problems.


The script only sends the email if the user chooses ALL the elements. If they dont, say they choose only 2 out of 3 services, and 1 stays hidden, i dont receive the email, but the script seems not to have a problem, because it doesn't return any kind of error, and passes the user to the sendmail outcome url - somewhere along the road, it just doesn't send it.


One possible answer i think is maybe my host blocks the emails, but why would they!


Here is the php code, would it help if i posted the html form code as well?




/* Subject and Email Variables */


$email_to = "conceptarts@kyu-images.com";

$email_subject = "Online Project Mandate";

$thankyou_url = "email_sent.html";



/* Gathering Data Variables */


$name = $_POST["name"];

$business_name = $_POST["business_name"];

$email_from = $_POST["email"];

$phone = $_POST["phone"];

$address_1 = $_POST["address_1"];

$address_2 = $_POST["address_2"];

$town = $_POST["town"];

$county = $_POST["county"];

$postcode = $_POST["postcode"];

$contact_back = $_POST["contact_back"];

$the_business = $_POST["the_business"];

$the_products = $_POST["the_products"];

$market_demographics = $_POST["market_demographics"];

$commercial_photography = $_POST["commercial_photography"];

$main_theme = $_POST["main_theme"];

$sub_style_1 = $_POST["sub_style_1"];

$sub_style_2 = $_POST["sub_style_2"];

$sub_style_3 = $_POST["sub_style_3"];

$sub_style_4 = $_POST["sub_style_4"];

$use_avoid = $_POST["use_avoid"];

$include_artwork = $_POST["include_artwork"];

$kick_start = $_POST["kick_start"];

$discount_reference = $_POST["discount_reference"];


// The next few variables may not appear in the HTML form, as javascript hides these elements if the user does not choose this service

$web_design_level = $_POST["web_design_level"];

$goal_1 = $_POST["goal_1"];

$goal_2 = $_POST["goal_2"];

$goal_3 = $_POST["goal_3"];

$ability_1 = $_POST["ability_1"];

$ability_2 = $_POST["ability_2"];

$ability_3 = $_POST["ability_3"];

$feature_1 = $_POST["feature_1"];

$feature_2 = $_POST["feature_2"];

$feature_3 = $_POST["feature_3"];

$design_1 = $_POST["design_1"];

$design_2 = $_POST["design_2"];

$design_3 = $_POST["design_3"];

$prefered_url = $_POST["prefered_url"];

$url_extension = $_POST["url_extension"];

$register_domain = $_POST["register_domain"];

$add_hosting = $_POST["add_hosting"];

$additional_features = $_POST["additional_features"];

$page_content = $_POST["page_content"];


// The next few variables may not appear in the HTML form, as javascript hides these elements if the user does not choose this service

$logo_design_level = $_POST["logo_design_level"];

$logo_used_where = $_POST["logo_used_where"];

$logo_represents = $_POST["logo_represents"];

$current_logos = $_POST["current_logos"];

$purchase_other_concepts = $_POST["purchase_other_concepts"];


// The next few variables may not appear in the HTML form, as javascript hides these elements if the user does not choose this service

$brand_image_service_level = $_POST["brand_image_service_level"];

$additonal_printing = $_POST["additonal_printing"];

$art_work_supply = $_POST["art_work_supply"];

$poster_brochure_layout = $_POST["poster_brochure_layout"];

$box_label_dimensions = $_POST["box_label_dimensions"];

$to_advertise = $_POST["to_advertise"];

$advertising_details = $_POST["advertising_details"];


// The last variable. Always appears on form. Spry validation to ensure box is checked.

$termsagreed = $_POST["termsagreed"];

// End of variables


// Sendmail headers

$headers = "From: $email_from . \r\n";

$headers .= "Reply-To: $email_from . \r\n";

$headers .= "Content-type: text/html\r\n";


// the email to be sent

$message = <<

Online Project Mandate



Personal Information

Client Name: $name


Business Name: $business_name


Email: $email_from


Telephone: $phone


First Address Line: $address_1


Second Address Line: $address_2


Address Town: $town


Postcode: $postcode




Business Information

About Their Business: $the_business


About Their Service/Products: $the_products


About Their Target Market: $market_demographics


Add Commercial Photography: $commercial_photography




Design Themes

Main Design Theme: $main_theme


Sub Style: $sub_style_1


Sub Style: $sub_style_2


Sub Style: $sub_style_3


Sub Style: $sub_style_4


Use\avoid: $use_avoid


Include artwork: $include_artwork




Kick Start Package: $kick_start




Special discount reference: $discount_reference





// Service option one. HTML form section may or may not be completed based on user choices


Website Design

Web design level: $web_design_level


Business Goal_1: $goal_1


Business Goal_2: $goal_2


Business Goal_3: $goal_3


Site Ability_1: $ability_1


Site Ability_2: $ability_2


Site Ability_3: $ability_3


Site Feature_1: $feature_1


Site Feature_2: $feature_2


Site Feature_3: $feature_3


Site Design_1: $design_1


Site Design_2: $design_2


Site Design_3: $design_3


Prefered URL: $prefered_url


URL Extension: $url_extension


Register Domain: $register_domain


Add Hosting: $add_hosting


Additional Features: $additional_features


Page Content: $page_content





// Service option two. HTML form section may or may not be completed based on user choices


Logo And Graphic Design

Logo Design Level: $logo_design_level


Logo Used Where: $logo_used_where


Logo Represents: $logo_represents


Current Logos: $current_logos


Purchase Other Concept Designs: $purchase_other_concepts





// Service option three. HTML form section may or may not be completed based on user choices


Brand Image

Brand Image Level: $brand_image_service_level


Additional Printing: $additonal_printing


Artwork Supply: $art_work_supply


Poster, Flier, Brochure Dimensions: $poster_brochure_layout


Box, Label Dimensions: $box_label_dimensions


To Be Advertised: $to_advertise


Advertising Details: $advertising_details




Terms Agreed: $termsagreed






ini_set("sendmail_from", $email_from); //Code required by hosting company

$sent = mail($email_to, $email_subject, $message, $headers, "-f" . $email_from);



/*Results Rendered As HTML */


if($sent) {

header("Location: " . $thankyou_url); // Redirect customer to thankyou page

} else {

// The mail didn't send, display an error.

echo "There has been an error sending your message. Please try later.";







Thanks for all and any ideas!

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[ Project Mandate Form ]

spacer.gif spacer.gif spacer.gif spacer.gif spacer.gif spacer.gif spacer.gif spacer.gif spacer.gif
Home Website Design Logo Design Brand Image Concept Arts Portfolio Brochure Photography spacer.gif

Welcome to the Kyu Images Project Mandate Form. Please use this form to take on our Corporate Identity services. After receipt of this mandate we will contact you within 24 hourse to book your Concept Arts Consultation.

[ Tell Us ABout You And Your Business ]

Use this section to tell us about you and your business

Your name:

Your business name:


Your email:

Your telephone number:

1st Address line:

2nd Address Line:




Contact Back Time:

Tell us about your business:

And about your products and services:

What are your target market demographics:

Will you require our commercial photography services:



[ Your Design Requirements ]

Here we will collect information to help us create the designs and styles you want

Here we will collect some preliminary details about what kind of styles and images you want for your designs.
( Please choose 1 main theme for your designs. )




( Now expand your theme by choosing 1 style from each sub category. )





















Are there any colours/ themes we should use or avoid:

Is there any current logo or artwork we should include/ develope:

[ Kick Start ]

Kick Start allows you to mix and match our services to get exactly what you need, with a discount on the total cost

( Please choose your Kick Start Package below, then choose from services below applicable to your package )






( If you need one of our services, simply select that service below to continue )

[ Special Offers ]

If you have a special offer discount reference, enter it here

Special offer discount reference:


[ Your Website Requirements ]

From this information we will begin designing and constructing your site

Which website design service level do you require:

Choose level...
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Please list the 3 most important business goals for your website e.g. "Increase footfall".
Please list 3 things you want your site to have the ability to do e.g. "Log clients in".

Goal 1:

The ability to:

Goal 2:

The ability to:

Goal 3

The ability to:

What key features would you like to see your site have e.g. "Site searching".

List 3 design elements you would most like to see e.g. "drop down menus".

The feature:

Design element 1:

The feature:

Design element 2:

The feature:

Design element 3:

The URL of your site is it's address, i.e. www.kyu-images.com. What would be your prefered address:




Would yo like us to register your URL (Domain Name):

Yes Please

No Thanks

Would you like us to host your site for ?6pm

Yes Please

No Thanks

Please list any additional features you want included:

Please list any content for specific pages e.g. "3 product pages, and a contact page"

[ Your Logo and Graphic Design ]

This information will help us complete your Logos and Graphics


Which Logo and Graphic Design service level will you require:

Choose Level...
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4


Logos and graphics designed by us can used across our services for websites and brand imaging. If your package includes multiple concept designs, you can purchase the other design in addition to your chosen one for a small fee.


Where will your logo or designs be used, e.g. shop front, business cards, stationery or billboards etc:

Should your logo represent you, your business or a specific product/service:

Are there any current logos or designs we should be aware of, use or expand upon:

Will you want to purchase more than 1 Concept Design from your package:

Yes, I do

No thanks

[ Your Brand Imaging and Product Identity ]

Brand Imaging is all about getting your products and services out to clients and potential customers. All our service levels include Level 1 as standard


Which Brand Image service level will you require:

Choose Level...
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4


Are there any additional printing requirements to those supplied:

For your designs, you can use your own designs, your Concept Arts from us, or we can create new ones

I have my own for submission

Use my existing Concept Designs

Please create new designs

Please specify the dimensions/pages of the poster, flier or brochure:

Please specify the dimensions of the box/label to be branded:

Please list what is to be advertised, e.g. a certain product or event:

Please give as much detail about the listed items as you can:

Please check box to confirm you have read and agree to our Terms Of Service as laid out in the [ Important Information ] article.

I agree.
Please tick to confirm.

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