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Suggestions for a contact form?

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Concerning potential customers, instead of having an email on the home page of my site to copy/paste to contact me, I'm considering making a contact form that emails me when someone makes a new instance in the database, saying they're interested in me making them a new site.

Anyone have any data on what gave you a better response?? Email to copy/paste, or contact form??

A contact form looks better, it's easy to make too... But I fear dropping 8 questions might turn people off vs seeing an email, even though they'd have to answer them anyway.

I ask because my experience with people so far is that most don't know what they want, they just think they want something. Then they realize they were in over their head and get scared away when thinking of details.

What has given you the best response?? What would you do??

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Use Contact Form 7 for the Wordpress site. As you know it will more helpful for Wordpress users to make the Signup page Login page or Contact us page. You may also choose to include a business address, phone number, or specific employee/department contact information. Form submission. This is the message that is sent to your email address and recipients when somebody fills out your form. By default, the recipient is the email address used for creating the account. You can change it or create multiple and custom notifications in Settings → Notifications → Form Owner Options.

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