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IE8 won't show IE7

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I have IE8 installed on my Virtual machine, but I also have IE Tester and 2 different Standalone versions of IE6.

My issue is with IE8 which won't display IE7, the developper tool window won't even open. I was wondering if this is because of all the other versions I have installed. Does anyone know if this could be causing the problem?

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Ah... didn't think of that but that could be it, I develop everything on the Mac and Firefox and then test on the virtual machine. I also test on a PC and it works fine there, but that's probably because I have already uploaded and am just double checking.

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Well for anyone who runs into the same problem, I took everything off and reinstalled still no joy. So then I found the answer. The developer window is minimized through some weird Microsoft quirk, so to make it appear, either right click on the filename in the bottom taskbar and maximize, or Alt + spacebar + M, and lo and behold there it is.

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