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Font Background Color in Wordpress?

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You mean upon hover - or how/when do you want the color change?

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I would love to try and help you out - however, I'm still not clear what exactly you want. I gather some posts on the website you provided the link for - but which posts? Where? What? Would applying a class to whichever parts you want highlighted do it? My mindreading skills unfortunately are not nearly as well developed as my sarcasm skills :-) --- 

However - aside from your background question, looking at your site briefly, I noticed all kinds of grammar and punctuation issues. You might want to get someone to look things over - stuff like that leaves a very unprofessional taste in one's mouth.

Here's a short list of things I noticed:

  • Logo on top usually takes on to the home page - yours is not a link
  • On your landing page, under 'Get in touch' it says: We are based in [geolifycontent id="18283"].
  • The line height under Dedicated IT Australia is larger than the rest - looks mismatched.
  • The big 'Though our 16 yrs of experience ....' probably should be 'ThRough our... and I'd spell out years and put a comma after experience.
  • At the bottom "Bad SEO practices is missing a 'to' between lead and Google.
  • On my browser (Chrome on PC) in the blue 'Our Offer' box, it cuts off the end of the word 'commitment' 

Good luck with things - looking forward for some more details from you, so we can help better.


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