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Trouble With Header Image On Website - Anyone have any ideas?


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I've got a website about my bean collection called A Bean Collectors Window http://abeancollectorswindow.com. The site is hosted on Godaddy. When I first get on the site the home or index page loads but the header image does not load with the page. It's a photo of many different colorful beans arranged in a rectangle. When I then right click the page and chose "view page source" there is no image tag in the div marked id="header" Then when I click on the following page A-Ce the page loads normally with the header image and the page source does show the image tag. Then when i go back and click on home the page then loads with the header image and now the "view page source" also shows the image tag. How does something like that happen and what do I do to get this page to once again load normally the first time. I have also taken all the code for the home page and put it into a brand new page and uploaded it to the server but this does not fix my problem.      

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