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Hi There


I have been commissioned to design a website similar to David Yurman http://www.davidyurman.com/ - The site is for a friend of mine. I am scared and excited at the same time at the fact that I don't know much flash. David Yurman site is based heavily on flash and flash galleries.


Is there anyway that I can implement a CSS gallery or similar design to my friend's website. He demands he wants the site to look smart. Its supposed to be a surprize for his very demanding girlfriend.


Are there any gallery software I can use to make the website appealing. I am thinking of Slideshow Pro but I am not that good in flash or with Actionscripting.


The site is heavily relying on lots of pictures which the client has given me already.



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if you are not familiar with Flash, look for the gallery which you can edit with your content by changing only .xml file and folders with photos.

You can use Slideshow Pro (standalone) for example, as they promise:

Modifications to slideshow style, behavior, and interface are handled through a single external XML file
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Thanks all for speedy replies. I have visited Slideshow Pro and about to buy it but need to know if I can use it with my website template I am designing for the client.


I am also testing the other slideshow options above.


The only thing is that most of the photos for my client is different dimensions and extensions. Usually if I had to do it in dreamweaver, I would manually have to add each photo and link it to the big version of the image. I know how to use lightbox effect and would just do this but it would take me forever to do the whole site.


The site I need to design will contain lots of pics of jewellery, rings, bangles, necklaces, Mens Accessories, Wallets etc.

There won't be much text and the pictures will do the talking on the site.

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