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Hi everybody,


Does anyone know how this photo gallery was made?:


http://ww w.hakanphotography.com/g alleries.htm


A client wants something like that (specially the scroll bar, which I hate, by the way). But the fact the images go one after the others, with no captions or title, I really like it.





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As far as the scrollbar is concerned, you can edit its width and colors with CSS for IE but for other browsers you have to use javascript. I agree that the plain gray scrollbar looks terrible.


The page has Flash files and object and nested embed code, but strangely they don't work in my Firefox even when I have enabled Javascript, so they are just plain images which I used the scrollbar to move.


I also noticed that the doctype is incomplete, it should have the url like this:-




but I'm not sure if that's why the Flash doesn't work for me.


Edit: I've had a closer look and the Flash is just for the text like "Order Prints". The images use a javascript array to place them in a long horizontal line, but I can't see why that can't be done with CSS.

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Hello again,


I finally found the js gallery I was looking for:


http://jquery fordesigners.com/slid er-gallery/


and adapted it to my needs:


http://www.pun tabahareque.com/s lideshow.html


Everything looks ok, except the little white gap between the pictures. I've been working with the css but I couldn't' find the problem. I've tried assigning 0 to all margins and paddings, but it doesn't work.





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Hello again,


Well, I found a non elegant solution, but it works.


I deleted the float:left you suggested and added a margin-left: -5px


So, we have:


.sliderGallery ul li img {margin-left: -5px;}


You can see it here:


http://w ww.puntabahareque.com/slid eshow.html


Still, I'd like to know if there is a more professional o elegant solution, other than using negative margins.


Thanks again,



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