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where to start with this


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Hello all. Im new to the site.

Im looking to get a handle on how I should go about building a personal portfolio site. Im looking to making a site in this exact kind of format. >> http://livedaybyday.com/layout.html


I like the title bar where the links change the center window with the scroll bars and the side window with video links.


Iv tried using a bunch of formaters like indexhibit and wordpress. neither seen to be able to do this simple task. I already have a hosting service and with an indexhibit blank page. Iv started playing with dream weaver but Im not sure how to plug in the pages with the host name, user name, password, site name etc etc.

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No, I'm saying if you want to learn how to build websites I would not follow that particular example. It is graphically ugly and uses tables. If you just want one site, I would suggest you use WordPress, because the site is already built for you and there are loads of different templates and plugins you can choose from that should fit your requirements.


Dreamweaver is a great tool, but that is all it is. By that I mean, it is not because you have the best brushes, canvas and oil paints that you are going to paint a masterpiece. It is also a big piece of software to learn and will take some time to master if you don't know the basics.


If you are interested in learning how to build web sites you need to learn these basics HTML and CSS, tables are outdated for layout and should only be used to display data, like an Excel Spreadsheet. Stefan outlines what you need to know to be a web designer in this


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