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Going F**** Nuts!---Can't Comment Code!

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Ok enough with the caps but this one has me going completely bonkers. I'm writing code and decide, I don't want to run this bit of code, so I use a comment block to comment it out. Fun story so far right? Problem I have is, the code doesn't actually get commented out. Hmmm..........


comment = /*  put commented stuff here

                      and here 

                      and here 

                                       */ comments should be closed now except that is not the case.

As you can see here:



How has this happened? Must be something simple but it's driving me insane!!

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That style of comment is only good in CSS and Javascript. For HTML comments, you need to be using the right syntax:


<!-- your comment here -->

Oh my!! That is too much!! 


I've been writing nothing but php code lately. 


How embarrassing!!!


Thanks Ben!! LMFAO!!!!


Oh my!! I thought I had gotten enough rest!!

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