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Can't line up buttons arrgh!


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I have a problem lining up buttons on my page. I have a template with 4 buttons on one side and 3 on the other, but can't line them up.

Between the first 2 buttons on the right hand side, there is either no line or a double line. I've even copied the code

code and the

bit from the left hand side, but can't get it to line up.

Any help would be much appreciated...



The site is http://www.youcanquitnow.com





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I smoked for 4 years (heavily!). At about 25 I thought it was about time to grow up. So I had all my last/best sigs. That last after sex sig, the last after dinner sig, the morning Joe and sig, the after a workout sig, and the drunk sig. The next day I quit cold turkey!


Two years later my long time girl friend dumped me (she regrets it now!). I then had to get back out there (I'm dependent on companionship). Back out there, to me at the time, meant lots of clubing and drinking. Well that would be no fun without my sigs in tow as well. So I smoked heavily for another year untill I met my wife of today. She lived in Seatle (me in San Diego) at the time. I quit cold turkey the day I flew up there to move her down to SD.


Sigs will never leave your mind again! You have to want to quit, not hope to quit. Hopeing to quit does not work because they will never leave your mind again!

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I'd find a better template - ideally, one that does not use table layout but CSS and that completely validates. What you have isn't even any design - just white with a couple logos in the header. And it's scrunched up all the way onto the left side of my monitor - I'm only viewing at 1280 and for me, pretty much half the screen is just empty.


Aside from that, you don't need flash for a some simple hover-effects in links, and your code has quite a few issues and does not validate.


This link for example


points towards a file on your COMPUTER and won't be accessible via the internet.


There's a spelling error in your first paragraph - second sentence: It should be you're, not your.


And if you want to line up your buttons, remove the extra


between 'Relationship' and 'Suicidal'.


I smoked heavily for over 20 years, quit 100 (or so) times, and the last time about 9 years ago - don't even remember exactly - had 3 a good year ago at a fun beach party, but just didn't like them as much. The plan was to start up again when I'm 75, but at the price of those stinkers these days, I may wait until 85.



Forgot to mention that I started smoking when I was 2 :rolleyes:

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