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SOS! PHP Email processing script returns "500 - Internal Server Error"


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The script itself seems to be fine... at least, I'm not seeing any significant coding issues. As a start, perhaps try creating a new file with these contents (replace the email address), and uploading it to your server:




Open that up in your browser, and see if you still get the error. I'm just trying to check that the mail() function works correctly before debugging the script further.

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Ok I found a script on the net that should send data from any form without knowing much about it, kind of a generic handler. I copied and uploaded, set the form action to follow it, and tested it.


It returned a failed to send message. (the message is coded in the PHP for failure to send the message).


So to it looks more likely an external problem????? The script I tried is:




// In testing, if you get an Bad referer error

// comment out or remove the next three lines

if (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'])>7 ||


die("Bad referer");

$msg="Values submitted by the user:\n";

foreach($_POST as $key => $val){

if (is_array($val)){

$msg.="Item: $key\n";

foreach($val as $v){

$v = stripslashes($v);

$msg.=" $v\n";


} else {

$val = stripslashes($val);

$msg.="$key: $val\n";




$subject="General Web Enquiry";


if (mail($recipient, $subject, $msg)){

echo "

Thank you

Message successfully sent:


echo nl2br($input);

} else

echo "An error occurred and the message could not be sent.";

} else

echo "Bad request method";


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